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Afghan children sacrifice for education, school house surrounded by guards


Kabul School girls wait for supplies handed out by NATO and Afghan forces. (Photo by G. A. Volb/Shutterjock)

Afghans risk lives for education

By G. A. Volb



KABUL, Afghanistan – The dingy-yellow structure sat 50-feet off the main highway with two stories of classrooms darkened due to a lack of light fixtures – heavily-armed guards patrolled the grounds protecting grade schoolers attending the school.


From the windows peered the faces of children, preteen and older, girls and boys, all willing to risk their lives for a better future through education. The local Afghan National Civil Order Police contingent, willing to do its part to ensure the school’s success, arrived with thousands of dollars worth of school supplies.

Afghanistan: A nation in transition

Afghan Village Store Gathering



Afghanistan in transition

By G. A. Volb


Back in 2008 when I touched down for the first time in Afghanistan I began spending quite a lot of time covering the coalition effort on the ground training the Afghan National Security Force -- the national army and police. The vast majority of that training was being conducted by members of the 3o-plus nations who provided trainers.

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